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Log Funiture
Unique one of a kind creations!  We use Old World, time tested joinery ... mortise and tendon, 5/8" hardwood dowels splined and pegged.

In our wood shop "Our Goal" is that every piece we build gets three things:

  1. Quality Materials
  2. Integrity of Design
  3. Honest Craftsmanship

Every piece may be hand rubbed with tongue oil ( to re-nourish the cell fibers) and/or hand brushed with urethane to bring out the beauty of real wood.  We guarantee our work.  We build it to last and be passed on to grand kids!


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Custom Log Funiture
Custom Log Funiture

We have produced over the past twenty years hundreds of custom pieces including: footstools with a costumers specific upholstery fabric, outdoor benches (some of which can be found at The Grand Rapids Forest History Center in Grand Rapids Minnesota), headboards with hand carved 20" rainbow trout, bars and display furniture, coffee tables with relief carvings of pike, bass, and sunfish.  References are available.

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